Career in Virus Removal

Can you make a career out of virus removal?

career in virus removal
     Thatís an interesting question. Go to your local retail store and look at the line to get service for home computers. Now go online and see what the retail stores are charging. A large percentage of computers go into the repair shop to have viruses removed and these shops are charging over $125 to do it.

I saw the website listed below when I was doing my research for this antivirus website. It looks a bit cheesy and the guy definitely needs to add a better picture but it got me thinking. There can be some really good money in removing viruses. If you would charge $75 to $100 and make house calls, you would be way cheaper and much more convenient than the local retail store.

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I donít know the guy who make this product and I have never seen them. I just saw this website and thought it was interesting and could be a great way to add some easy extra income for someone. I once had a friend who ran a rental store and I used to clean his computers that had viruses on the weekends. I would spend about two hours in his store and clean two to three computers per week and charged him $35 each. I averaged about $50 an hour. I always recommend this as a way to get started to my students in my computer repair classes.

     Once you have the skills to clean computers you just need to worry about getting your name out there so people know you are out there. I donít know if the course above gives you information on how to get clients but if it doesnít, I know this course does.

Click here to see the course on getting more clients

I would also team it up with basic computer repair. If you donít have any experience in computer repair I would check out the local technical college in your area and see if you could sign up for an evening class on computer repair. One class will set you back about $350 to $500 but thatís all you need to break into the computer repair field. If you already have experience in repairing and cleaning computers then you just need to focus on getting new clients.

I would not recommend quitting your job and doing this butÖ If you are looking to make some money on the side, you can get into this very easy and try it out in the evenings and see it works out. Most people would need you to stop by in the evenings when they are home so it works out great if you already have a job. If your good at it and you work on getting your name out there and getting new clients, you can easily turn this into a full time job and be your own boss.

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